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Q: Will I pay an extra fee if I need a reshipment of my order?

A: We will reship your order without any additional fee in the following cases:

  1. You paid for delivery insurance (you can choose it in the Cart or Checkout page).
  2. The request to cancel the order was sent BEFORE the shipment.
  3. The chosen product is not available at the moment.
  4. The chosen shipping method is temporarily unavailable.
  5. Wrong or damaged products were delivered, e.g. broken pills (a photo of the parcel and the product should be provided).
  6. The product is not effective (a photo of the parcel and the product should be provided).
  7. The parcel was not received by the client within a specified delivery time.
  8. The sender shipped the order to the wrong delivery address.
  9. The delivery partially failed. ONLY reshipment of the missing order items will be provided (photo of the parcel and the product should be provided).

Q: What should I do if the package is damaged or missing?

A: In either of those cases, feel free to contact our Customer Support Service via the Contact Us form or by phone and inform us about the problem. We will either reship the order or issue a refund. Photo of the parcel and the product should be provided.

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